Department Overview

网赌的十大网站官网校园有很多东西:一个生活、学习和创造自己的地方. It's also an incredibly safe environment. 的 function of the 网赌的十大网站官网 University Department of 公共安全 is to ensure that the entire university community stays as free as possible from crime, 在追求学术成就的同时. 警察阻止, 调查 和 report any violations of State or Federal Law 和/or University regulations on campus.

的 Department of 公共安全 provides:

  • 29 full-time members
  • Foot, vehicle 和 bicycle patrols
  • State certified Emergency Medical Technicians
  • S.M.A.R.T. (Sexual Misconduct 和 Assault Response Team)
  • 24 hour Escort Service

Campus safety 和 security systems include:

  • Residence hall card access system
  • Emergency call box phone system
  • Closed circuit television system
  • Connect-ed Emergency Notification system
  • LiveSafe应用

Crime prevention seminars, security bulletins, 和 information via the campus television network

* Security 和 Safety 项目 are continuously updated to meet the University's ever changing needs

联系人:托德. 主任Pelazza‌
Location: Loyola Hall, 房间2
Phone: On-campus ext. 4090; Off-campus: (203) 254-4090
电子邮件: tapelazza@网赌的十大网站官网.edu

Town of 网赌的十大网站官网 Emergency Notification System
网赌的十大网站官网's emergency notification system - Sign up to be notified by your local emergency response team in the event of emergency situations or critical community alerts. 参观 Town of 网赌的十大网站官网 website for more information.

Our vision is built on 完整性服务: to ensure that our students, 教师和工作人员继续在一个安全的环境中学习和工作,这是由荣誉成长起来的, Dedication 和 Commitment.



网赌的十大网站官网 University complies with the "Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy 和 Campus Crime 统计数据 Act". This report contains a summary of 网赌的十大网站官网 University's Department of 公共安全 policies 和 procedures along with crime statistics as required. 如欲索取报告,请致电(203)254-4090, 或者去洛约拉大厅一楼的办公室. 的 office is open 24 hours a day, 一年365天.

A daily Crime Log is maintained in the Department of 公共安全's Office 和 is available to the public Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. 四点半p.m. Logs for previous years are available upon request.

Emergency Preparedness

的 Department of 公共安全 军官 are highly trained first responders 和 are prepared to take action to any emergency situation that may arise on campus. A Crisis Management Team as well as an Incident Management Team are in place to allow immediate response by individuals performing specific roles 和 functions already predefined. An Emergency Management Plan has been developed by the Department of 公共安全 as part of our ongoing effort to protect 网赌的十大网站官网 University students, 教师, 和工作人员. 


网赌的十大网站官网 University utilizes an emergency notification system provided by Blackboard Connect, locally referred to as StagAlert, 作为一种通知和传递信息给学生的方法, 教师, 和工作人员 in the event of a significant emergency.

StagAlert系统能够像语音通话一样同时发送信息, 短信, 和 e-mail messages. Depending on the nature of the situation, 这些方法中的任何一种或所有的方法都可以用于与预期的收件人通信.


网赌的十大网站官网授权公共安全部预防, 调查, 和 report any violations of State or Federal Law 和/or University regulations on campus. 公安部门现有专职工作人员27人. 军官 conduct foot, 车辆, 每天24小时骑车巡逻校园和居民区, 一年365天.

停车 & 交通

所有学生, 教师 和工作人员 vehicles must be registered with the 停车 Office located on the ground floor of Loyola Hall. First-year 和 sophomore resident students are not authorized to have automobiles on campus (including weekends). 违反这一政策的学生将失去作为大三学生注册汽车的特权.


网赌的十大网站官网 University Department of 公共安全 employs certified instructors in various areas that offer training to the campus community, general public 和 law enforcement affiliates. 

Message From 的 导演


网赌的十大网站很自豪能成为一个高度可见和积极主动的安全机构. 的 department protects personal safety, conducts criminal investigations, 提供紧急医疗护理,并执行校园交通和停车规则.

We strive to be a 服务-oriented team, 是什么让网赌的十大网站有别于传统的公共安全角色. Some of these 服务s include safety escorts, motor vehicle assists, 犯罪预防项目以及强奸侵犯防御指导.

的 Department of 公共安全 contributes to the mission 和 goals of 网赌的十大网站官网 University, both in spirit 和 in deed, through its policies, practices 和 actions.

如欲了解更多有关部门的资料,请浏览网赌的十大网站的连结. 网赌的十大网站邀请您参观网赌的十大网站位于洛约拉大厅一楼的办公室.

托德一. Pelazza
导演, Department of 公共安全


‌1992年,该部门在其现有业务中实施了自行车巡逻. 这些自行车作为有标记的巡洋舰和步行巡逻的补充. By maneuvering over sidewalks 和 through paths, 字段, 和 blocked roads on campus, 军官 are able to respond to incidents quickly. This also creates increased presence, dialogue 和 interaction with the student's 教师 和工作人员.

自行车巡逻 军官:

  • 全天候巡逻,在任何天气条件下都可以
  • 携带浓缩医疗包和紧急医疗技术人员
  • Receive training in bike tactics 和 are nationally certified through the Law Enforcement Bicycle Association

网赌的十大网站官网 University's 自行车巡逻 has trained alongside 自行车巡逻 军官 from Danbury Police, New York City Housing Police, 达的警察, 耶鲁大学, Sacred Heart University 公共安全, 布里奇波特大学保安和南康涅狄格州立大学警察.

该小组帮助哥伦比亚大学建立了巡逻队, 斯卡斯代尔警察, 斯坦福的警察, 西康涅狄格州立大学和韦斯顿警察局.


联系人:托德. 主任Pelazza
Location: Loyola 2
Phone: On-Campus: ext. 4090; Off-Campus: (203) 254-4090

Frequently Asked Questions

Escorts are available 24 hrs a day by contacting the Department of 公共安全 at (203) 254-4090 or ext. 4090. 一位警官会骑车或步行把你送到你想去的地方.

Incidents can be reported by contacting the Department of 公共安全 at (203) 254-4090 or ext. 4090,或到洛约拉一楼2号室的办公室. 机密报告表格也可在DPS网站上获得.

校园里有三个失物招领处:娱乐中心, 巴伦校园中心收发室和公共安全办公室. 发现的物品会保存12个月,直到捐赠或丢弃.

如果房间钥匙丢失,应尽快向住房/居民生活会员报告. Report a lost or stolen Stag Card immediately to safeguard your accounts 和 access privileges. During business hours, report the loss to the Stag Card Office located in the Kelley Center. After regular business hours, report the loss to the Department of 公共安全 or go to stagcardonline.com. 信用卡丢失或被盗要交25美元的补发费.

联系公共安全部(203)254-4090或分机. 4090. Counselors 和 军官 trained in Sexual Assault Response are on call 和 available 24 hrs a day. 此外,学生可以安排与《网赌的十大网站官网》协调人Megan D见面. 说,我.D.

无论白天还是晚上,如果要去健康中心,请拨打分机. 2241.

公共安全部门可以提供往返上课的交通工具. Call the 健康 Center at ext. 2241年安排.

向公共安全部门报告所有可疑活动和犯罪,电话(203)254-4090或分机. 4090. Call 公共安全:

  • 如果你目睹了即将爆发的紧张局势
  • 如果你听到任何不寻常的声音,如尖叫声或玻璃破碎
  • 如果你看到一个严重不满或不合作的人
  • When things just don't seem right

Please be as detailed as possible when providing a physical description of a suspect or perpetrator.

  • Physical descriptions should include: height, 重量, 构建, 面部毛发, 肤色, jewelry 和 tattoos
  • Vehicle descriptions should include: make, 模型, color 和 approximate year of manufacture, 标志板, 国家的起源, 和 any notable damage

Roommate conflicts should be brought to the attention of your Resident Advisor as soon as possible.

Students wishing to participate in a Ride-Along Program can do so by scheduling an appointment with the 导演 of 公共安全, 托德Pelazza, by calling (203) 254-4090 or ext. 4090,或填写学生乘车计划表格.

Clery报告(PDF) 请致电(203)254-4090向办公室申请, 或者去洛约拉大厅一楼的办公室, 房间2.

的 Daily Campus Crime Log can be viewed at the 网赌的十大网站官网 University Department of 公共安全 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. 四点半p.m. Monday through Friday. 办公室位于洛约拉大厅一层2号室.

学生就业机会在整个学年中定期提供. 联系副总监弗兰克·菲寇目前的空缺(203)254-4090或ext. 4090.

公共安全处全年接受全职工作申请. Anyone interested can submit a resume with cover letter 和 three references to 网赌的十大网站官网 University, 公共安全, 1073 North Benson Road, 网赌的十大网站官网, CT. 06824. Strong consideration is given to individuals certified as Emergency Medical Technicians with a college degree 和 police or military background.

Freshman 和 sophomores are not permitted to have vehicles on campus (including weekends). 其他所有的学生, 教师 和工作人员 vehicles must be registered through the parking office located on the ground floor of Loyola Hall, 房间2. 电话. (203) 254-4000, ext. 2745.

Owners of cars towed from campus must contact Bud's Towing 服务/Sport Hill Service Station 24/7 with questions regarding towing (203)335-5593.

If your car has a "boot" (wheel-lock) attached, 你可能有未付的停车罚单,或者是一个长期违章停车的人. To remove the device, 向位于洛约拉大厅一楼的公共安全部报告, 房间2., or call (203) 254-4090 or ext. 4090. 如果你试图自行移除该装置,将会对你的车辆造成损害.

访问or parking is located in lots C2, C3 和 K1. 停车 in all other locations requires a temporary parking pass which can be obtained in the 停车 Office during regular hours or in the Department of 公共安全, any time day or night. 两间办公室都位于Loyola Hall一楼2室.

Emergency Contact Information can be inserted or updated by accessing the link on the home page of your Stag Web account.

的 Department of 公共安全 has jump boxes available to sign out with a 网赌的十大网站官网 University ID.

Bring your University ID to the Department of 公共安全; reports are ready in 3 days. To check the status of a report, please call ext. 4090.

网赌的十大网站官网将在其网站上公布航班延误和取消的消息.网赌的十大网站官网.edu, the campus center information line at ext. 4222 as well as local radio stations 88.5 FM, 99.9 FM, 107.调频9调频或上午600调频.


Contact Information

Department of 公共安全
网赌的十大网站官网 University
Loyola Hall 房间2, Ground Floor

校园:ext. 4090
Off-campus: (203) 254-4090

导演: 托德一 Pelazza‌




Assistant 导演:

Administrative Coordinator:


Charles Goodwin III

停车 Operations Assistant:




From North Benson Road/main entrance: 从大门进入,沿着洛约拉大道走到交通圈. 右转出圆圈进入第一个停车场. Loyola Hall is across the street.

From Barlow Road entrance: Take Bellarmine Road to the split. Stay right at the pond on to McInnes Road. Pass the 快速 Center on your left. Continue on McInnes Road to the second stop sign. 左转到洛约拉大道,然后走到交通圈. 右转出圆圈进入第一个停车场. Loyola Hall is across the street.